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This instance on the osmf dev server demonstrates the new changeset upload implementation on cgimap.


Go create a new user, start mapping!

Settings for JOSM

Step 1:Change OSM Server URL

Uncheck “Use the default OSM server URL” and enter the following new OSM Server URL pointing to the development server:


Step 2: Enter Authentication details

You can either use Basic authentication or OAuth. Basic authentication is easier to set up, but less secure.

Basic Auth

  • Click on “Use Basic Authentication”
  • Enter your username and password


  • Click on “Use OAuth” on the authentication tab
  • Click on the “New Access Token” button
  • Switch to the “Advanced OAuth properties” tab
  • Uncheck “Use default settings” checkbox and copy and paste the following into Consumer key and Consumer secret values in their respective fields (see below picture):


Consumer key: e9SlwR92ICvgmU37EUncuEPBHhsquszkFe1RNW5j
Consumer secret: NGxzHxaIZ7R8ij8f39Q2wxtHl3DFA5VlFuMfaFTt
  • Switch to the “Basic” tab
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on “Authorize now”
  • Click on “Test access token” -> you should see a success message which you confirm by hitting the “Ok” button
  • Click on “Accept Access Token”

Technical stuff

## Github issue

Compressed upload

See for a JOSM patch

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